Found Money!

Most people in my life know that a dynamite present to get me for any occasion is a gift card to a craft store. Any little amount is put to great use, usually combined with coupons and sales, whether it’s supplies for a project I’m waist-deep in or some inspiration to start a totally new piece or technique. With my birthday last month, I knew I had a sizable chunk of money to spend at A.C Moore (courtesy of my fiance’s wonderful parents!) and after poking around in my studio to find that card, I stumbled upon two unused cards to Jo Ann’s.

I started a supply list earlier in the week, mainly replenishing the various adhesives I use, but I’m also currently without a project (very strange feeling, indeed) so I knew it could very well be one of those wander-up-and-down-every-aisle kind of trips. After the success of the fern piece, I went back through my folder stuffed full of half-finished designs and possible revamp projects to pull out a few I might want to pick back up. The problem they all seemed to share was the issue of final presentation–how to mount the finished (mostly cut-paper) pieces.

A.C. Moore is only a few blocks from my apartment so I headed there first and straight back to the frame section. What should I find but the entire selection of “float frames” is 50% off. I’d seen another cut-paper artist on Tumblr use one and it was absolutely stunning. Just like my beloved RIBBA frames from IKEA, these guys just scream paper art. There were two thickness, so I just grab a couple sizes of each and I have no doubt I’ll be back later in the week for more.

The rest of the A.C. Moore adventure was relatively mundane. The yarn section didn’t have much that jumped out at me. I’m not in the mood to pick up my needles or hooks quite yet and inspiration for a felt/yarn piece just isn’t hitting me these days. I always scan the sale racks and bins, especially in the paper section. I found several great designs for 50 cents apiece, but sadly no stacks or collections were on sale. That’s really the only time I’ll buy those, but for the love of all things decent, I do not need any more paper.

Lines are never fun on the weekends at those places, but you get through it. Having been in the [food] service industry, albeit briefly, I always try to be patient and pleasant with a cashier, engage with him/her and at least make my transaction a more cheerful experience for us both. Plus, I’m usually so damn giddy about whatever I’m buying that it’s impossible not to be upbeat and animated.

As usual, though, upon exiting the store, I had no desire to drive to another and came on home. I’m also lacking in motivation and energy to jump into a new project just yet. The sun is out but it’s a bit windy, the kind of temperatures that beg for cracked windows and opened blinds. Perhaps a bit of Tumblr-reading and a glass of wine on the balcony is in order!

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